Feather and Spear tings

Its been forever and a day! eek! But that’s because I most certainly have been busy collecting and nurturing the creative fires and keeping company with just the most super positive, enthusiastic lovers of all things creative… And if you haven’t been following on my instagram then here’s a bit of what you’ve been missing:

February 2018 – Super fun African fabric earring making workshop for RMIT Brunswick campus Welcome Day

January 2018 – Had a screen printing project of a different kind. I got the opportunity print up some colourful t-shirts for the awesome RMIT Creative team

November 2017 – So happy my studs, bags, cards and art prints are in great company and now adorn the shelves at The Social Studio store in Smith Street, Collingwood AND also got to do a Social Studio pop-up market right in the centre on Melbourne before Christmas


October 2017 – Some of THE most fun I’ve had ever on a custom screen printing project! T-shirts for Wocle with only the most gorgeous colour palate ever. I got to the mixin’ of colours, the testing, the swatches (my fave thing to do) and the collabo effort of screen printing magic! Be sure to scroll through in the Insta pic to see all the fun!

and lastly… a few pics from last year’s workshop fun that I never got around to sharing with you… I promise I won’t keep you waiting so long for the next lot of updates! In fact I’ve still got this year’s White Night Festival pics to share, gallery visits, and all kinds new tings…soon. xxTab





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Make Stuff Happen April 2017

Booked out already! Yay! Another RMIT Link Arts – Make Stuff Happen + Feather and Spear love fest.

This coming Tuesday 4 April 2017
12:30 – 2:30pm
RMIT City Campus Building 13, Level 3, Room 7
You may still be able to put your name down for last minute cancellations here.

Can’t wait to see you all there! xxTab




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Bundoora RMIT workshop round up

If you missed out on my free earring making workshop last week at the RMIT Bundoora Higher Education (HE) Welcome Day, here’s all the stud action you missed:

Big thanks to RMIT Link Arts & Culture for encouraging all sorts of creative shenanigans from all of us and extra special thanks to the most enthusiastic makers on one hot stud making, donut fuelled, super fun filled day!

Don’t despair if you missed out this time, as there are more workshops! The next one is on Tuesday 4th April 2017! More details on that in the coming days. Keep you eyes peeled on my Instagram account as well @featherandspear.

xx Tab

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Merry market free season

So you may have (or not) noticed that I have not been taking part of any markets this year, and having a totally market free festive season.

The why? Basically just getting to the business of living life.

It has been a tough year where the biggest lesson I learnt was that my health has to come first (though you would think that I would have learnt this lesson already… with whole big C and all). It’s one thing to know something, and another thing to actually apply it.

So this year I have been saying a lot of “no I can’t do that market“, “no I can’t take on that extra extra work, I have enough on my plate“, “I’m too tired to do that“, “sorry I can’t come out to play“… and I have meant it all.
The big C, as they say as I say, is the gift that keeps on giving (insert slightly bitter sarcastic tone there). 6 years on, I’m finally, just, off ALL the meds and I • A M • E X H A U S T E D.

So, thinking about how best to spend my energy, markets, as much as I love them, had to be one of the things I said no to, for the time being.

I did recently take part in a pretty awesome Colour Box Studio Pop Up Shop and continue to have my Etsy store stocked with some new goodies, so definitely still feather & spearing along.

And the rest of my now market-free, non feather & spear time? Long walks on the beach…well, almost.
Apart from full time non-creative bill-paying desking, I’ve been taking a bit of time out in nature, yes, taking long walks, but also getting the kind of inspiration you can only get when there’s a whole lot of oxygen and green living things. I’ve also been lucky enough to take in the odd arty-farty inspiring gallery visit and have had the chance to actually visit some markets to support my fellow hard toiling makers and shakers.

So 2017 on the very near horizon and I’m most definitely looking forward.
I hope you get to end this year in the best kind of way and remember to place a whole lot of “self lovin” gifts under the tree for yourself.

Wishing you and your loved ones all kinds of mad love, happiness and good health.


Snippet of my recent and market free activities…

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Colour Box Studio Spring Pop Up

Remember that summer I spent with the awesome folks at Colour Box Studio as part of their pop-up store?

That Colour Box summer…

Well, I’m super excited to announce that this spring I’ll be back for another dose of that Colour Box magic with their 2016 Spring Pop Up Shop!

From Friday October 7 to November 4, Colour Box Studio will be showcasing a range of  illustrated works and art prints, handmade jewellery, screen printed cards and textiles, handmade candles, art prints, hanging planters and pots, and so much more – all made and designed by over 30 local artists and creatives!

To kick things off, Colour Box Studio are hosting a Spring Pop Up Shop event on October 7th from 5pm. And guess who’s invited! You, you and you!

Come help us celebrate if you are in Melbourne, otherwise pop in throughout October.

Spring Pop Up Shop Details

Where: VU at MetroWest, 138 Nicholson Street, Footscray, VIC 3011
When: Launches on October 7 from 5PM.
Open: Tuesday-Friday 9.30-5, Saturday 10-4 until November 4.


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Making Stuff Happen

And so we made some stuff happen! Namely, the wildest array of spotted, striped, geo, vibrant, patterned, Feather & Spear fabric studs!

Thanks to RMIT University students who took part in the Make stuff happen workshop I ran last Tuesday. I really was blown away, firstly by the enthusiasm, then by the incredible level of creativity! So happy to have spent the afternoon with a bunch of African-print-wild kindred spirits!

Thank you to RMIT Link Arts for the opportunity to share what I love.

So here’s some of the fun stud action that went on…


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The year is all but done, Christmas feast is just about digested, the markets are dusted for the year and I am in that reflective mood that we all get into right about this time of the year… As the year comes to a close we tend to take a long look back at what has been, what we thought it would be, and where those two converged… or didn’t. They call it ‘taking stock‘…

2014 has been epic in so many ways! It may not have played out the way that I had imagined it would, but I think it all happened the way it should, with more surprises than I could ever have written in for myself. And here I thought I knew what the feather & spear story was!

In 2014 I asked for help and I got it! – in the most surprising and amazing ways. From waves of media exposure, encouragement from unexpected quarters, love and support from the warmest corners, down to the hands-on, head-down n’ busy help with the sewing, making, lugging, stall minding and happy-making business of things.

I aced some major health milestones – which allowed me to finally exhale… let go of some (though not all) fears, allowed me to see a ‘real’ future where before I think I just ‘talked’ a future that I perhaps didn’t 100% believe would come to be. I’m seeing it now. I’ve found my feet back on the earth.

The year wasn’t without the roadblocks and challenges that no one is immune to. It has been HARD work! Mostly this year though, I have been blown away, heart blown wide open, beyond humbled by what is possible, and ready for far more than I thought I could take on… I know that I can dream even bigger in 2015.

So, thank you for being part of my feather & spear story! My friends and family old and new, Facebook family, Instagram family, Craft Victoria family, Melbourne Mystery Markets family, my lovely markets posse. Thank you Pablo, Jasmine, Grant, Kathy, Annaliese, Bolim, Tori and my Mava.


Here ‘s a little of the year in review… See you in 2015!

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Melbourne Mystery Market

Perfect Feather and Spear gift set - coin purse and earrings

It’s almost here!

Where can you sip on some drinks, listen to live tunes and get all your Christmas shopping done with Melbourne’s most talented designers? Despite its name, there’s no mystery that it’s all happening at Melbourne’s Mystery Market. With a divine offering of the coolest design market shopping experience, their Melbourne Designed Market at QV this Christmas is the most laid-back, feet-up kinda way to tick off your Christmas shopping list.

Come by and see for yourself at QV Melbourne (corner of Russell & Lonsdale St, City)

This Friday night 12th – 5pm to 10pm
Saturday 13th & Sat 20th – 11am to 5pm 

Melbourne Mystery Market Logo QVSliderBanner-ChristmasMarket

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Melbourne + December thats why

Xmas-Markets-banner The past few weeks have been my busiest by far of the whole year…and it’s nowhere near ready to ease up yet, and I have to say I’m loving it! I’m making, creating, collaborating, sewing, printing, shooting and all the while managing to even fit in a few creative inspiration activities. So what I don’t get any sleep (literally)! That’s what January’s for right?

So why all this insane buzz? Melbourne + December that’s why!

We get drunk with sunny days, late sunsets, food festivals, a major dose of festive cheer (gin and tonics for some), colours, colours, colours, and markets, markets, freakin’ amazing markets!

For me that is 4 bumper markets I’m at before the year is out.

Just in case you haven’t read my News page:
Sun 7th – New Craft Market at Queen Vic Market – 9am to 4pm
Fri 12th – Melbourne Designed Market at QV – 5pm to 10pm
Sat 13th & Sat 20th – Melbourne Designed Market at QV – 11am to 5pm

Here’s a peek at some of the makin’ that’s been keeping me busy and the goodies you can expect to find at the upcoming markets. Hope to see some friendly faces!

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Festive Chooks and Markets

The festive season is upon us, which means at feather & spear it’s festive chooks season too; and they’re out to play at this Sunday’s New Craft Market at the Queen Victoria Market. It feels like it was just last week I had the last market which was a really fun day so I’m even more excited about this one coming.   So if the festive chooks don’t get you coming along (I’m talking about the cards of course… not that I’m not a festive chook too), then I’ll also be some awesome, original gift ideas for you. With new feather & spear cards, earrings, bags and art prints (see pics of some offerings below), not to mention all the other amazing market goodies, there’s sure to be some great finds. Hope to see some friendly faces there. **please note that we’ve moved to Shed C (just up from Shed A where we were last)**

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